Rethinking Aside Posts

I started using the Aside post-type back in April. Sometimes my thoughts are idea seeds or just incomplete or random. But they’re too long for 280 character Tweets. My concern with Asides is that they’re low quality and high frequency. That means if you get my posts via email or in the Reader, you might feel spammed. Not good. Then again, this an informal personal … Continue reading Rethinking Aside Posts

Moto G Power Lasts Forever

It feels great having a phone with a 3-day battery. I never worry about low power. I use my phone a lot, all day, and the thing just keeps going. GPS fitness tracking, light gaming, photos, Bluetooth streaming, and more. Throw it all at the moto g power; it still has battery to spare! Talk about reliable… Plus I’m still liking its loud Dolby stereo … Continue reading Moto G Power Lasts Forever

Big Tech Antitrust Hearing

Yesterday, four big tech titans testified before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust. I was impressed by the cohesive and cogent focus, evidence, and arguments by congress members. The Atlantic has a great summary article you should check out. Apparently, these big tech companies are new kinds of monopolies, unchecked in their global scale and great power. It’s likely that Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google … Continue reading Big Tech Antitrust Hearing