Continuum On Apple

The idea that your phone could be your sole computer is compelling. There’s talk in the tech-sphere that Apple is working on the iPhone so it has macOS along with iOS. This would allow a user to connect their iPhone to desktop peripherals, hopefully a laptop form factor, and essentially have an iMac or MacBook. If true, I’d switch from Android/Chromebook back to Apple in … Continue reading Continuum On Apple

Is Apple’s Office Suite Sour?

Sincere question: why does Apple’s (consumer?) productivity suite – Pages/Numbers/Keynote – seem ignored? I’ve used them on Mac and iPad; they’re good. And they benefit as default with Apple’s system integration. But Microsoft Office (enterprise?) looks more popular on Mac. And Google Docs/Sheets (education?) appears to have more mind-share and market-share. Apple’s productivity apps look like a hole in the line-up. All things considered, I … Continue reading Is Apple’s Office Suite Sour?

Abandon The Algorithm

Idea: if aggregated feeds are here to stay, I say abandon the algorithm. Social media algorithms curate content, so we’re not overwhelmed by disparate and disengaging posts. But we’re better without them. We can curate our own feeds. If there’s too much junk, then unfollow or unfriend. Choose only the most important or relevant accounts to follow. And realize you can’t keep up with everything. … Continue reading Abandon The Algorithm

Tweaking The Blog

New changes to Jason Journals, with goals being to simplify blog for reading, demote social media, and promote more direct conversation: Removed Twitter widget Added goodreads widget Removed Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram links and social icons Removed static homepage, making blog posts the home page Started updating Gallery photos Added mailto: buttons and links UPDATE: Removed social icons from post share menu Disconnected social cross-posting … Continue reading Tweaking The Blog