Moving To A New Blog Host

My blog is moving again! I’m now at at From WordPress to Blogger (Summer 2022) I was at WordPress: Jason Journals ( Then I was at Blogger: Jason McFadden ( Which changed at Blogger: Fully Rendered ( From Blogger to (Winter 2023) Now I’m at Jason McFadden ( And at Blogger it’s now: Fully Rendered ( won’t be using this anymore … Continue reading Moving To A New Blog Host

Jason Journals Last Post

It’s time to say farewell to WordPress and Jason Journals, at least for now. Yet fret not! Though this blog is signing off, the spirit of this blog has simply moved to Blogger at jasonmcfadden. So if you’re reading this, know that you can keep reading, following, subscribing, and commenting at my new blog home. My first post here for Jason Journals published March 31, … Continue reading Jason Journals Last Post

Choosing Blogger In 2022

After several years of blogging on WordPress, I’m leaving to blog on one of the first and oldest platforms: Blogger. But with its ancient internet age and Google’s propensity to cancel products/services, why would anyone in their right mind choose Blogger in 2022? Because in my case, it’s not the mind. My mind chose WordPress; my heart chooses Blogger. Back in 2017, WordPress wasn’t my … Continue reading Choosing Blogger In 2022

Leaving WordPress

Hello, readers. A monumental shift is afoot at Jason Journals, announcing both a new name and home for the blog. Though it’s the end of an era, it’s also the beginning of another. Jason Journals has been steadily going since 2017. Blogging about any topic, rather than a niche, has helped me post regularly for several years. That’s not changing. I’m just switching platforms. What’s … Continue reading Leaving WordPress