Catching All The Pokémon

About that thing called Pokemon, yeah, it’s all kinda new to me. So far I like it. Specifically, I’m talking about the trading card game (TCG). Have you played it? It’s kind of a big bite to chew on if you’re new to it. I bet you’ve heard the slogan, “Gotta catch’em all!” Well, there’s now over 800 Pokemon to catch! And that’s just for starters.

Pokémon Took Over My House

Over 20 years ago, a sub-cultural hit was born. Either you’ve heard of Pokémon or you’ve seen the cutesy small yellow creature with a lightning tail, a.k.a Pikachu. The trading card game, for the first time, has hit me and my house. And I’m playing like it’s 1999!

Geeking Out On Lego

For the love of Lego! The simple and wonderfully designed building blocks have been part of me since I was a young kid. And to this day, I still get my kicks with Lego bricks!

The Penultimate Marvel

Right now, Avengers End Game is killin' it in theaters. Seems like everyone has seen it already. Except me. You're supposed to watch the other Marvel movies first, and the previous one is still theaters. So my wife and I finally watched Captain Marvel last weekend!

More Star Wars Saga Please

Happy #StarWarsDay! At last, we come to it again. May 4th. Star Wars fans can geek out today! Especially this year, because in December we get the last movie in the main canon of the Star Wars saga! But really, I wish there would be more. Why must a saga come to an end?

Thank The Geeky Hooker

Have you ever heard of Star Wars? The most recent movie, The Last Jedi, featured cute and funny little creatures - like a cross between a penguin and a hamster - called Porgs. And I think we found the cutest version of a Porg ever, right here in our own galaxy! One of my sons... Continue Reading →

Gaming With My Girl

Did you know playing board games with your significant other can release the feel-good bonding hormone? I didn't. But I think it's true. And now I wonder, what about video games? You can read the intriguing article over at Geek and Sundry: Couples who play board games together release love hormones Baylor study finds. Basically,... Continue Reading →

The Matrix Turns Twenty

One of the awesomest sci-fi movies ever came out in my life-time; it literally had people saying, "Whoa!" Yeah, it was influential. But the kinda scary/crazy thing that gets me now is this: it came out 20 years ago! On March 31, 1999, The Matrix hacked its way into our psyches and astonished us with... Continue Reading →

We Play Nintendo

Last year for Father's Day, my wife surprised me big-time with a refurbished Wii U! I hadn't gamed Nintendo in years. Next thing you know, my family has six 2DS hand-held systems! Now my wife and kids get into playing Nintendo like I do. I've kind of been a Nintendo fan my whole life. Growing... Continue Reading →

The Yarniest Hero Ever

Superhero movies are the thing. You've seen them. Bombastic special effects depicting classic good vs. evil revolving around a central protagonist imbued with crazy powers and a complicated story-arc. Then there's Yoshi. Have you heard of him? Yesterday, my wife picked up Yoshi's Woolly World for our Wii U - it was dirt cheap at... Continue Reading →

Being In A Box

How do you define yourself? Who, or what, are you? Identity can be a complex subject because people are not that simple. We are nuanced. Maybe even mysterious. There's something else that adds to the complexity: over-thinking identity. But then, swinging the pendulum in the opposite direction to over-simplifying a person's identity is also tricky!... Continue Reading →

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