Moving To A New Blog Host

My blog is moving again! I’m now at at From WordPress to Blogger (Summer 2022) I was at WordPress: Jason Journals ( Then I was at Blogger: Jason McFadden ( Which changed at Blogger: Fully Rendered ( From Blogger to (Winter 2023) Now I’m at Jason McFadden ( And at Blogger it’s now: Fully Rendered ( won’t be using this anymore … Continue reading Moving To A New Blog Host

Is Finding Favorites Futile?

While concentrating on purging physical and digital clutter from the nooks and crannies of my life, I’ve been a bit overwhelmed by the glut of stuff I own or have access to. The picture of a closet or dresser overstuffed with…stuff…is classic, easy to understand. But in the digital realm, where things may be more abstract, less tangible, I’ve realized that in order to clear … Continue reading Is Finding Favorites Futile?