Blog Revamp

As this post shows, I might start doing “Aside” posts again for short things like status updates. They’re meant to be fast and easy, so no tags or featured image. I use the Standard post format and an “Aside” category. Their format looks different in the blog feed simply by the featured image omission. General updates: Widgets: Removed some Revised some Rearranged all Added new … Continue reading Blog Revamp

Game On And Stress Less

Life, especially in 2020, is tough at times. Yeah, that might be the understatement of the year! People have different ways of dealing with stress. Some are common: plenty of sleep and exercise, for example. Then there’s escapism, and I realize not all have the same luxuries thereof. In any case, some people enjoy reading books. Others prefer watching movies. Still others lean towards video … Continue reading Game On And Stress Less

We Elected Big Tech

A thought provoking article on One Zero about Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, as the unelected monarch of billions of people. It asserts that leaders of Big Tech, who have great power and influence, were not voted into their offices. But they were. You and I voted them into power with our time and money, our attention and our dollars. When we choose their products … Continue reading We Elected Big Tech