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Is Flickr Still A Thing?

Recently I was bit by the shutterbug again! Being outside and collecting pecans, the vivid fall colors of the leaves caught my eyes. So I tried taking some photos to capture their beauty. I’m not saying I succeeded, but I enjoyed it none the less. When I thought about sharing my pictures of late, I wondered if Flickr was still a good site to use. … Continue reading Is Flickr Still A Thing?

What Is A Shutterbug?

Shutterbug – an amateur photographer, especially one who is greatly devoted to the hobby; a photographer, esp. an enthusiastic amateur. I think this definition from is apt. I can’t call myself a photographer (sounds too much like a pro photog) without being more specific. Amateur, devoted, hobbyist, enthusiast…I think they more or less have the right focal point. (Yes. I did that.) Continue reading What Is A Shutterbug?

Flower Bugs Made Me A Shutterbug

A photo I took of a single Texas Bluebonnet with bugs on it is the picture that made me become a shutterbug.

To others, this image is nothing special. But to me, it was seminal; it had a big impact on my life. We all have these kinds of experiences in life: an event, a circumstance, a person…somehow they can be special turning points.

So how or why did this single photograph, Bluebonnet Bugs, cause me to focus on photography? Continue reading “Flower Bugs Made Me A Shutterbug”