Pincushion Cactus

Several years ago, my wife and I visited Lake Brownwood State Park in Texas. We got away from the kids for a few hours and had our cameras to enjoy the outdoors.

A Conical Dome Of Glass

The story of this picture I took is simple. While trekking around the concrete and steel jungle of Singapore, snapping my camera at a myriad of sites, this one stood out amongst them. You can't not look up at this thing when standing under it. The tower of glass and steel angles form this cool... Continue Reading →

A Majestic Scooter

A few years ago, my commuter vehicle had just two wheels. At first, it was a cruiser-style motorcycle. But later I became the proud rider of the coolest big scooter ever my eyes beheld - the Yamaha Majesty. Back then I rode motorbikes because they were super economical - light on gas, low cost maintenance,... Continue Reading →

Blooming Bluebonnets

Every year, I like to add a fresh batch of bluebonnet pictures to my collection. They're the Texas state flower, and they only last about 3 to 4 weeks a year--plus they're blue! The bluebonnets for 2018 sprung up a day or two before the equinox; I first noticed them on March 20th and started... Continue Reading →

The Online Photosphere

When it comes to photos: snap it, edit it, share it, repeat. But where do you share it online? If you're a fickle photo shooter like me, you may bounce between multiple sites. Wouldn't it be simpler to settle on just one? A few months ago, I wrote a post about re-finding Flickr to be... Continue Reading →

Framing The Freezing

At the turn of the year, winter visited our part of Texas with four days of sub-freezing temperatures and a nice touch of ice. So to enjoy the weather and avoid cabin fever, I bundled up and took my phone, I mean camera, out for frigid photography! It was so cold, especially in the wind,... Continue Reading →

Is Flickr Still A Thing?

Recently I was bit by the shutterbug again! Being outside and collecting pecans, the vivid fall colors of the leaves caught my eyes. So I tried taking some photos to capture their beauty. I’m not saying I succeeded, but I enjoyed it none the less. When I thought about sharing my pictures of late, I... Continue Reading →

What Is A Shutterbug?

Shutterbug - an amateur photographer, especially one who is greatly devoted to the hobby; a photographer, esp. an enthusiastic amateur. I think this definition from is apt. I can't call myself a photographer (sounds too much like a pro photog) without being more specific. Amateur, devoted, hobbyist, enthusiast...I think they more or less have the right focal... Continue Reading →

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