Places To Write On Google

Where do you write words in the Google domain? Docs, the word processor. And Keep, the notes app. They work together too, so words can easily go from one to the other. But what about Blogger? It’s been a Google product for like 16 years. Yet you must copy/paste text from Docs to the Blogger Editor like it’s still 2004. This must change. Docs and … Continue reading Places To Write On Google

Typing Chromebook

November Is A Novella Month

You know how sometimes you get busy and your routine is thrown off? Yeah, me too. That happened to me this past week. I missed a few blog days! Took a little vacay with the fam, my job got busier, plus there’s been some other stuff going on. Oh, I also started writing a book. No big deal, right? I’m on the way to 20k…or more! This month will be one for the books! Continue reading November Is A Novella Month