Smartphone photography is a thing. Since leaving Windows and Lightroom, I've stuck with Google Photos to edit pictures, but now I've discovered Snapseed on my Android phone. It blew my mind! The advanced editing capabilities are great! And the app (by Google) is free!

My iPhone Got Googled

Would you believe me if I told you it is nigh impossible to get away from Google? The tech giant is so ingrained on the internet, you likely use at least one Google service. Several attempts at escaping Google’s vortex are posted online; just do a quick search for them - try not to use Google search! I distanced myself from Google several months ago, but now my Apple iPhone has become Google-fied.

Taking The iPad Further

In a few days, Apple will have an event where maybe they'll reveal new iPads. And since my iPad is my computer, I'm very interested to see what direction Apple takes iPad next. Will it become even more capable than it already is? And a bigger question, will the iPad become more of Apple's main... Continue Reading →

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