Trying Bionic Ears

Last Friday, I saw an ENT Specialist in Audiology for my Tinnitus, that persistent and potentially maddening tonal plague inside my head, like a scratch you can’t itch. And something happened that I did not expect. I was prescribed hearing aids to try out. Talk about different!

The Sound Of Hearing Tech

It happens to be Deaf Awareness Month, (or week…) and I stumbled upon a tweet from @Android that made my eyes open wide; then my ears got tickled. Why? Because of the news that Android smartphones now working with hearing devices in a new improved way. And it sounds promising!

Unchained Audio

A few days ago, I did one of those “finally” things. For years, I tolerated a tangle of wires, like tentacles tethered to my head. Those famous white earbuds and their silhouette ads from Apple...always untying the undying knots. But no more! I bought my first pair of wireless headphones; here are my first impressions.

Tinnitus And Technology

For quite some time, I've had tinnitus. There are 3 or 4 different tones continuously ringing in my head between my ears. It's constant, loud, and can be very bothersome at times, even anxiety inducing. So after trying some things on my own to no avail, I finally arranged a visit with my doctor to... Continue Reading →

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