Cameraphoning Bluebonnets

Guess what, my friends? The Bluebonnets are back! For about three weeks each year, they bloom their blue earth decorations around Texas. My yard in the past two years had huge thick patches of them. This year, we have only a few small thin patches. Nonetheless, I’m enjoying them through photography but in a simpler way than before.

Blooming Bluebonnets

Every year, I like to add a fresh batch of bluebonnet pictures to my collection. They're the Texas state flower, and they only last about 3 to 4 weeks a year--plus they're blue! The bluebonnets for 2018 sprung up a day or two before the equinox; I first noticed them on March 20th and started... Continue Reading →

Bluebonnets in Bloom

Spring season 2017 had been hinting at its arrival earlier than normal. In fact, these Texas Bluebonnets started blooming before the official Vernal Equinox, which landed on March 20th this year. I like to try and get some good new pictures each year of the Bluebonnets. They're so pretty with their blue color and unique... Continue Reading →

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