Blogging Your Best

Blogging has always been something I’ve liked doing. I’ve had various blogs over the years with different success, however that’s defined. There are many “rules” and “tips” out there in the blogosphere. For me, some rules were restrictions which made blogging, or at least getting started, too hard. When it comes to the single niche topic versus many topics, I break that rule. For me, … Continue reading Blogging Your Best

They Loved Hope And Faith

A long time ago in a small Texas town, I worked at the nicest family owned country store. It was an old building, a bit rustic and weathered. It had a grocery section, a fresh meat counter, and a small deli that served delicious chopped beef sandwiches. Brisket was smoked outside. And local deer meat was processed into sausage. The folks I worked with were … Continue reading They Loved Hope And Faith