Welcome To December

Hello there, blogosphere. Been pretty quiet out there, at least for me, since November. My blog muscles may have atrophied a wee bit. I had dedicated my writing regiment and time to typing my story for NaNoWriMo2019. I didn’t reach my word-count goal (not surprised), but it went well. I plan to keep writing my story long-term, but the pace will slow so that I can blog more often. Continue reading Welcome To December

Christmas Shopping For Mommy

Texas is not known for snow. In Abilene, we may get a few days of snow in Winter. So this Saturday morning was a delight. We woke up to hearing the boys exclaim, “It’s snowing!” It wasn’t too cold though, so the snow didn’t stick much to the ground. That was a good thing because it made driving conditions better. Today it was my turn … Continue reading Christmas Shopping For Mommy

Making It Through The Week

It’s been a challenging week so far. It started with my anxiety flaring up severely. My work at my job has been tough. And my family has been extra busy with Christmas festivities. But I think the week will slow down now. Sunday through half of Tuesday, I was really struggling with severe anxiety. It hasn’t been so bad in a while. I had to … Continue reading Making It Through The Week

Holiday Introversion

Thanksgiving and Christmas are upon us. That means a lot of festivities. For an introvert like me, that means feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place. Sure, I enjoy celebrating and joy and fun. But with so many people-filled events that I’m expected to be at, I am tempted to grumble because I know I will be drained of energy. This is something … Continue reading Holiday Introversion