My Facebook Relationship Is Complicated

As I sit here typing on my iPad, my thoughts spill over with uncertainty. I feel conflicted – over my Facebook account! This should not be. And you’re probably thinking, “Really!?” I’m not being melodramatic. Yet where do I begin? How about we try to keep it simple. Simple is good, don’t you think? Cyclical Relationship Over the last 10 years, I’ve joined and deleted … Continue reading My Facebook Relationship Is Complicated

Why I Quit Facebook

I quit Facebook. I chose the nuke from orbit option: deletion instead of deactivation. The recent Cambridge Analytica data exploit was the catalyst for my decision. But I had been wary of Facebook before and was already detaching from it. Over my 9 years of friending, liking, and sharing, Facebook has been a mixed bag. I’ve enjoyed the positive things about it, but the negatives … Continue reading Why I Quit Facebook