Holiday Rush

The busy holiday season is upon us! Don’t blink; December will flash by. Parties, food, parades, food, carols, food, gifts, food, and plenty to eat. Yeah. I believe I hit my calorie quota for the month in the first week! But overall, it’s been a good time, full and festive.

My blogging brain has kinda been on holiday though. Bummer. I’ve spent more time consuming content rather than creating it. And I don’t mean just eating all the food. Mostly it’s been watching movies or playing games. Lots of fun!

Besides my blogging kinda hitting a slump, so has my reading. I bet they’re related! I’m over half-way through reading Dune for the first time. I was hoping to finish it before the end of October. Now I wonder if I’ll even finish it before this decade is over! I think my goodreads goal for this year was to read 13 books; I’m behind.

Speaking of goals, it’s also the time of year for looking back and seeing what we’ve accomplished and setting new goals for the upcoming year. Can eating more food and playing more video games be a goal? Nah, too easy.

What do you think? Comment below, or write to me here! Thanks for reading!