April 16th marks the sale start date of the new Moto G Power and Moto G Stylus in the US - the 8th gen of the G's! You can #addtocart now! On April 15th, Apple announced the new iPhone SE starting at $399. But why spend that much when you can get a Moto G... Continue Reading →

7 Months Of Wireless Goodness

Who doesn’t like a good deal? Finding a bargain when shopping feels great! And while it makes sense to pay extra for better quality stuff, what I love even more is being frugal to discover products that are better than good-enough yet don’t break the bank. Seven months ago, I finally bought my first pair of wireless headphones...for $30! So how does a pair of these hold up over time? Are they worth the money?

The Expensive Halo Effect

Living in Apple land was nice and comfy. My sweet set-up consisted of just two things: iPhone and iPad. Well, I guess I should also include the cheap bluetooth keyboard I cobbled together with my Apple tablet. But it’s good that I escaped the soft glow of The Apple logo because the Halo Effect is real.

Computers Are Like Cars

Unlike my previous post, which specifically talked about how iPhones and iPads last a long time these days, this one is about the longevity of computers in general. I was realizing just how long both my own and my wife's PCs are still running after many years. And I think it's like owning a car.... Continue Reading →

Why I Like Republic Wireless

Liking FreedomAfter years of buying into 2-year contracts with cell phone carriers, I finally broke free! I must give credit to Republic Wireless for that, and also to Walt Mossberg; his latest review of RW’s new technology gave me the push to give it a go! OK, also, Amazon’s Prime deal on a couple of... Continue Reading →

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