Places To Write On Google

Where do you write words in the Google domain? Docs, the word processor. And Keep, the notes app. They work together too, so words can easily go from one to the other. But what about Blogger? It’s been a Google product for like 16 years. Yet you must copy/paste text from Docs to the Blogger Editor like it’s still 2004. This must change. Docs and … Continue reading Places To Write On Google

Update Typewriter

Motorola Updates Upgrade Promise

You and I both know that smartphones don’t last forever. But shouldn’t they last more than a year? I wrote about this recently in relation to a Computer World article that singled out Motorola for not playing nice with phone updates on its new $1,000 phone. Then another article appeared, this time on Android Central, calling out Motorola again on this issue. And you know what? The next day, Motorola responded in the positive! Continue reading Motorola Updates Upgrade Promise