Apple Evolves New Computer Breed

Since Apple’s recent WWDC19 keynote, I’ve processed many web articles, podcasts, and tweets about all the iPad things. And although the idea in my head is still a bit fuzzy, I’m starting to see what looks like a growing distinction, maybe even a division, in iPad.

Bloggers Gonna Blog

Can anyone who blogs call themself a blogger? Seems like a dumb question, but I guess it depends on what the definition of blogger is. To oversimplify - one who blogs. Is it that simple? Because that would be too easy, right?

Being In A Box

How do you define yourself? Who, or what, are you? Identity can be a complex subject because people are not that simple. We are nuanced. Maybe even mysterious. There's something else that adds to the complexity: over-thinking identity. But then, swinging the pendulum in the opposite direction to over-simplifying a person's identity is also tricky!... Continue Reading →

An Identity Struggler

There's something I've often struggled with. My Twitter bio. "Your what?" That short summary statement on Twitter where you list all your fancy labels and titles so people know about you and your tweets. One of my favorites is by comedian Brian Regan. His bio: "Human Person." It's like those group exercises where you have... Continue Reading →

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