Continuum On Apple

The idea that your phone could be your sole computer is compelling. There’s talk in the tech-sphere that Apple is working on the iPhone so it has macOS along with iOS. This would allow a user to connect their iPhone to desktop peripherals, hopefully a laptop form factor, and essentially have an iMac or MacBook. If true, I’d switch from Android/Chromebook back to Apple in … Continue reading Continuum On Apple

Android Smartphone

Android Attraction

Last Summer, when I ditched my iPad and switched to Chromebook, I started thinking about doing the same with my phone – iPhone to Android. Naturally! It just makes sense to go all-in with the Google stuff. But I hesitated, finding it a bit more concerning to fix something that isn’t broken. My iPhone 7, despite its age, is working great. I’m comfortable with the quality and reliability; also, there are a few key apps/features that I would miss. Continue reading Android Attraction