Let Facebook Age Out

Facebook is ubiquitous. If you need to find someone, chances are they’re on Facebook. And most people are so hooked on it that they’d never delete their account. Would you? If not, can we keep the next generation off it? I think that’s a key part of ending Facebook’s ubiquity. This Gen On Current generations (Boomers, Gen X, Millennials) use social media a lot – … Continue reading Let Facebook Age Out

The Yarniest Hero Ever

Superhero movies are the thing. You’ve seen them. Bombastic special effects depicting classic good vs. evil revolving around a central protagonist imbued with crazy powers and a complicated story-arc. Then there’s Yoshi. Have you heard of him? Yesterday, my wife picked up Yoshi’s Woolly World for our Wii U – it was dirt cheap at GameStop. And wow, what a game! My five sons watched … Continue reading The Yarniest Hero Ever

Sleeping 7 At Super 8

Over the Christmas/New Year holiday, my family drove a jet black minivan across state lines to visit friends. My wife and I with our five sons spent about nine hours traveling just on the first day. Being budget conscious, we planned to stay overnight at a random Super 8 motel. No reservation. We found one in a good spot near a Dunkin Donuts and a Chik–Fil–A … Continue reading Sleeping 7 At Super 8

Christmas Shopping For Mommy

Texas is not known for snow. In Abilene, we may get a few days of snow in Winter. So this Saturday morning was a delight. We woke up to hearing the boys exclaim, “It’s snowing!” It wasn’t too cold though, so the snow didn’t stick much to the ground. That was a good thing because it made driving conditions better. Today it was my turn … Continue reading Christmas Shopping For Mommy