Tired Of Being Busy

Blogging is not my day-job, even if I wish it was. Instead of getting paid to write my posts on Jason Journals, I pay to do it because, among other reasons, it’s a hobby I enjoy. But lately, being so busy, stressed, and tired, my blogging brain has slumped in a corner.

Why so much busy-ness? It just happens sometimes. Mostly, my actual day-job has been very demanding. I’ve had to work overtime to catch up. And all the hours have been extra mentally taxing due to switching between focusing on my main task but then needing to juggle many other tasks too. So lots of back and forth.

Maybe your job does the same thing to you sometimes. It’s when you must buckle down, grip the wheel with both hands, shift to high gear, and mash the gas pedal to the floor. And the low fuel light is blaring in your bleary eyes the whole time. Anxiety creeps up; you’re about to run out of gas!

Besides my job demands, I’m still a Dad to five kids. So parenting, my 24/7 job, has not taken a break. But it’s been kinda fun.

Father’s Day, although busy and “distracting” from blogging, was really nice. My wife helped my sons make me feel honored as Daddy!

What’s left over? Not much. Yet there has been more…extra activities.

There’s the usual chores at my house, but I’ve also been swamped by my do-it-yourself project: building a new half-bath. But even that work has needed to move to the back-burner!

And amidst all this, my church’s annual Vacation Bible School kicked off yesterday! So I’m expending myself there too.

Maybe I should add: discover perpetual energy source to my to-do list. I’m not all that busy really. Sure I can find time for that.

Blogging is not the only thing to suffer from my recent crunch-time. My important and fun hobby, karate, has also lacked my attention. I usually go twice a week. But I’ve only managed to make it once a week this month, and now I’m missing three classes in a row!

Anyways, all that to simply say, sorry for not blogging much this past week. I’m sure I’ll be writing more again. Writers gotta write. Thinkers gotta think. And Bloggers are gonna blog.

I’m tired of being busy, but not tired of blogging.

What do you think? Has your Summer been busy? Comment below or message me. Thanks for reading!

Gaming With My Girl

Did you know playing board games with your significant other can release the feel-good bonding hormone? I didn’t. But I think it’s true. And now I wonder, what about video games?

You can read the intriguing article over at Geek and Sundry:

Couples who play board games together release love hormones Baylor study finds.

Basically, the study showed increased love hormone levels between men and women when playing board games together. Who knew!?

Anecdotally, this makes sense. When my wife and I were dating before we were married (I specify that because we still date in marriage!), we played board games together a lot (Mastermind. She usually won. All the time). I’d say it helped us bond as a couple, having fun together.

We even once planned to collect board games for fun in our marriage, like a hobby for the two of us to share! (Is that geeky or what?)

I enjoy my wife and our time together most when we are playful or adventurous. So again, the board-game-love-hormone connection seems to play into it.

But what about video games?

My wife and I also played Nintendo games together a lot when we were newlyweds. Now, 17 years later, we’re doing it again. This time, we either watch each other playing Zelda or we visit each other’s towns in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

I think the key factors in the love-hormone release are physical presence together plus verbal interaction over the gaming experience. Discussing rules or strategy and engaging in friendly competition or cooperation are also factors at play (see what I did there?).

Well, I’ll just say it, “I’m game!

If bonding together with my lovely wife means I first get to play more games with her, count me in – win! Maybe it’s like fore-foreplay.

I must also note, the Geek and Sundry article linked above was published on Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day. On that very same day is when I gave my wife a gift: a Nintendo New 2DS XL and the game Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

Is that a coincidence? Or is it providence? What games do you play with your significant other? Let me know what you think in the comments, or message me here!