My Dark Deck Got Whooped

Today I played in my first Pokemon League Tournament. It was fun even though I got knocked out every round – well one was a draw. In a first, I had two of my Pokemon killed in their sleep! They never saw what hit them. Yep, out of 12 players, I almost made it into the top 10, coming in dead last at number twelve. But like I said, it was fun.

Prep and battle

On Saturday, I spent time practicing and tweaking my Dark Deck: 100% Darkness Pokemon. It’s the new rotation, so Ultra Prism to Unified Minds. After playing a couple times, I poured over my Trainers and optimized for my strategy, utilizing my favored fighters. I was excited for the coming tourney.

So I showed up with my family. Six of us entered to play. At one point I was matched against my wife who, as usual, defeated me. But it was close! Also, 4 of my sons who played ranked higher than I did. But it’s ok. They got more money from me to buy more cards, so they’re happy.

We donated some prize funds, so even though I lost, I scored a Booster Pack and a League Card! Better still, I got a good pull from the pack: Celesteela GX – Ultra Beast! There were a lot of good cards and trades going around, both from what players already had and also from some on-fire pulls outta new Booster Packs.

Better strategy next time

I would say better luck next time, but what I like about Pokemon TCG is that it’s not so much about luck as it is about strategy, picking the right Pokemon and Trainers to have a good offense and defense. Whenever I play, even in losing, I enjoy thinking through the many options and really working the deck and abilities to eek out knock-outs!

So that was some family fun for the weekend; I look forward to next time. I need much practice. And I gotta catch me some more Pokemon. Of course!

How was your weekend? Play any indoor games to beat the Summer heat? Comment below, or write to me here! Thanks for reading!

A Daily Writing Habit

A few months back, I found myself in unusual circumstances. I was able to get a lot of writing done. And it led me to schedule many blog posts. I even found my brain more apt to write most of the time – my writing muscles were flexed. Then life kinda happened. Now I’m struggling to find time, make time, to type stuff up.

I need a daily writing habit.

A Writing Tool

I think one reason my mind is writing less is because it’s in learning mode. It wants to take in info and process it all at once.1 I had heard of a writing tool called Ulysses and decided to finally give it a try.2 This has me reading a lot of stuff to learn it!

So far, I like Ulysses a lot. Here’s just a few off-hand reasons why:

  1. It helps me organize my writing better
  2. It gives me better ways to write, making it easier
  3. It helps motivate me with writing goals
  4. It gives me more and better options to publish

I’ll leave it at that for now. It will take quite some time for me to slowly re-wire my 3 pound brain, adjusting my workflow through Ulysses. Prior to this, I wrote all my notes and private journal entries in the Notes app on iOS. And I wrote all my blog drafts directly in the WordPress app. But anything about the blog3 was separated out to the Notes app. Now that’s changed.

Guess what? Change is hard. Even when for the better. But I’m sure you know that already.

A Writing Time and Place4

Last year, I read a book called, Rest. Here’s the link. In it, I found awesome motivation to implement a daily writing habit. Part of that was to slog it out by picking the same time and place each day to just show up with the mind ready to write Shakespeare. Or dreck not worthy of a Facebook post. The point was to just start writing!

So that’s what I did. And it was great! I often got into the flow of writing. Just letting the words pour forth on the digital page. I was in a nice quiet space, a rare time of solitude before anyone else was out of bed, and I had my first cup of coffee. Sounds like a dream, but it was real. Also amazing, I was able to write over 1,000 words a day on some of those days; hitting 500 words was easier.

Guess what happened not long after that? Life hit me. I got sidelined by anxiety. At the time, I was still not far removed from a period of life in which anxiety or panic attacks were frequent. After that, I just couldn’t or didn’t want to attempt early morning writing again.

Well, I’m back at it again, trying to resume such a daily writing habit. Because I need to. I can’t let life just happen. What I mean is, I can’t hope to find time to write. I might as well buy a lottery ticket if I’m hoping to get lucky. No, I need to take time or make time, at least just a little, so I can practice writing5.

Writers Write. Right.

The goal is to cultivate a good habit of writing in order to get better at all forms of it, especially blogging. Yes, I have dreams of someday writing a fiction novel! But blogging is, for present lack of creative juices, my bread and butter.6

Writers write. Bloggers blog.

So…I’ve got a good tool, I’m gonna take time, and I’ve got a place to write.

Let’s see how it goes!

Am I missing anything I need to write more or better? What about something like Grammarly? Would you say my blogging has a “voice?” Comment gently below, or send me some electronic mails. Thanks!

  1. Input mode instead of Output mode.
  2. Don’t get me wrong though. Just like buying a DSLR won’t suddenly make you a pro photographer, I don’t think using “pro” software to write will make me a pro writer. I love that fantasy, but I know it’s not reality.
  3. I call this blog related info “Meta.”
  4. I can’t decide; should I say “writing place” or “writing space?”
  5. I can always use more practice writing!
  6. That could be a good blog post title: The Bread And Butter Of Blogging.