YouTube Music Trial

So I’m giving YouTube Music a real try, living with it for one month (the free trial). Decided to dive in and not shrink away despite any differences or downsides. Actually found a surprising upside! Also, though, it’s missing some albums I have on Spotify – ouch! But I’ll give it the full 30 days. Note: I have not imported/uploaded any of my Google Play … Continue reading YouTube Music Trial

Your Podcast Player Of Choice

Do you listen to podcasts inside the Spotify app?? I briefly tried it months ago…but I ended up switching from Apple Podcasts to Pocket Casts…wanted a third party cross-platform solution. But recently, the Google Podcasts app became available on my iPhone, so I’ve been trying it out. Yet today it hit me that maybe I should go back and retry Spotify for podcasts…lately I want … Continue reading Your Podcast Player Of Choice