Your Podcast Player Of Choice

Do you listen to podcasts inside the Spotify app?? I briefly tried it months ago…but I ended up switching from Apple Podcasts to Pocket Casts…wanted a third party cross-platform solution. But recently, the Google Podcasts app became available on my iPhone, so I’ve been trying it out. Yet today it hit me that maybe I should go back and retry Spotify for podcasts…lately I want … Continue reading Your Podcast Player Of Choice

A Music Subscription Sounds Good

Lately, I’ve had a lot on my mind. Work has been busy and somewhat stressful. Outside that, my cognitive focus has been on designing a bedroom addition to our house. Plus my wife and I discovered the show Parks and Recreation and have been enjoying it nightly! Meanwhile, something unexpected started. I have never been interested in subscribing to a streaming music service. I’ve never … Continue reading A Music Subscription Sounds Good