Favorite Fall Fotos

Welcome To The Fall

We made it, y’all! It’s finally here, the first day of Fall!

Autumnal Affections

Like many of you, my favorite season is Fall.

Traditionally, it’s a time of harvest when you reap the bountiful blessings sown in Spring and Summer.

But my favorite reasons for loving Autumn are the cool relief from the scorching Summer heat and the multicolored leaves.

The Fall also excites me because it’s the build-up to “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” – Christmas! And lest I be accused of ingratitude, let’s mention Thanksgiving too.

Yet there’s two more personal pluses for my Autumnal Affection: my birthday and my wedding anniversary occur in October and November. How’s that for celebration?

The only real drawback for Fall is the overabundant proliferation nigh infestation of Pumpkin Spice – it gets into everything! Too much of a good thing…

But who can resist a steamy cup of your favorite flavored sugar and caffeine beverage on a crisp overcast Autumn afternoon?

Texas Trees

Here in Texas, we don’t have the amazing plethora of color-changing trees as New England does. But we do enjoy some yellow, sometimes orange or red, leaves of Autumn.

Over the years, I’ve tried to capture some of the beauty of Fall in my neck of the woods. I’m sharing a few select samples here to celebrate Fall 2019. Enjoy!

Hope Harvest

Here’s to hoping this Fall season 2019 will be one of the coolest in a long time and as enjoyable as ever.

By the way, there’s another special something coming at the end of Fall this year: Star Wars Episode IX!

What’s your favorite time of year? Comment below, or write to me here! Thanks for reading!

Picturing A Yellow Fall Tree

I love the Fall! And photography is also a hobby and passion of mine. I don’t do it much these days because…busy! But my camera is always in my pocket (iPhone 6). So last Sunday walking into church, I saw the tree with it’s bright yellow leaves. My brain goes, “Ok, I gotta capture that Fall beauty.”

I took a shot or two from one angle. It didn’t do justice. Later, I tried again and thought what angle would be better. I thought, get the cross and steeple in the shot. Crop it down to the best composure. And I think I got it.

I shared this photo on Facebook and a lot of people liked it. I think it works well because it’s simple. There’s just a tree and a church. Two objects, one subject. And it’s got three main colors: yellow, white, and blue. Clean and simple.

This picture is also on my instagram; maybe I’ll put it on Flickr. But what I really wanna do is go out soon just to take more Fall pictures.

Something I used to do a lot was go out to just enjoy nature and be intentional about practicing photography. Some people like portraits of people. My favorite subject has always been the grandeur and glory of God’s creation in nature.

So about the Fall. I was thinking why I like Fall more than Spring and the other seasons. Summer and Winter are extremes. Too hot. Too cold. Spring is nice: new life, new beginnings, flowers…

But I like Fall more than Spring because the cool relief from Summer’s heat feels best, and the many vibrant colors of the trees are striking. And my birthday is in October, so Fall is a time of celebration for me. It’s also the prelude to the “most wonderful time of the year,” Christmas!!

So what’s your favorite season!? Feel free to leave a comment below! Thanks.