Ok, maybe lame, but an idea…some WordPress themes support the “Aside” and “Status” Post Formats. Like Tweets, these are short. What if people just started using them for short blurbs on WP? They appear in the Reader “feed” and can be Liked, Commented and even Reblogged. Instead of #hashtags, just add Tags and/or Categories in... Continue Reading →

Blogging Is Thinking Out Loud

Sometimes when I start to draft a post for my blog, it begins as an essay. It’s like I feel the idea in my head is important enough to warrant something like a formal treatise. But my circumstances often make it difficult to write seriously. And that’s when I step back and remind myself - it’s just a blog.

Twitter As Anti-Facebook

A simple little thought popped into my gray matter the other day. Instead of abandoning all social-media because it’s all mania, how about I promote Twitter as the single best alternative to Facebook?

We All Have A Like Button

There's a lot to like out there. Like...pizza! I like sharing my interests with others who are like-minded. You and I like connecting with people. We all like the camaraderie, the feeling of belonging, and being accepted. We like to be liked!

Being An Introvert On Twitter

This year has seen a lot of bad news concerning Facebook and online privacy. The drum beat of anti-social media has grown louder. You'd think scrolling a newsfeed is like smoking cigarettes. Perish the thoughtcrime! On some level I think that's an apt description. Like maybe Brave New World is coming true. Or 1984. Or... Continue Reading →

The Web Itself Is The Social Network

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about social media versus the blogosphere. To help distinguish them, the term social network is synonymous with social media, whereas I refer to the blogosphere as 'online networking'. But today I discovered something that clarifies and simplifies this latter term. Online networking is simply...the internet! I kind of knew... Continue Reading →

The Blogosphere Can Thrive

One of my favorite blogs is Study Hacks by Cal Newport. After reading his latest post, "On Blogs in the Social Media Age," I was sparked. He makes an interesting distinction between the blogosphere and social media today. The Blogosphere Survives Newport's blog post title itself is noteworthy. Blogs do still exist in the social... Continue Reading →

Thoughts On Social Media

Some of my thoughts lately have dwelled on Social Media like Facebook. I often re-think my personal use of it, and I also ponder general ideas about the pros and cons of social networks in our culture. These kinds of thoughts are also prevalent in the news and other publications, which fuel my thoughts more.... Continue Reading →

An Identity Struggler

There's something I've often struggled with. My Twitter bio. "Your what?" That short summary statement on Twitter where you list all your fancy labels and titles so people know about you and your tweets. One of my favorites is by comedian Brian Regan. His bio: "Human Person." It's like those group exercises where you have... Continue Reading →

The Matrix Of Social Media

Billions of people are going about their lives every day, oblivious to the truth: just like The Matrix, Social Media has them. We live in an online world of mindless scrolling, hooked on 'likes'. Impulsively, we go to Facebook or Instagram to check our notifications. The 'feeds' beckon our minds to...keep checking--but for what? It... Continue Reading →

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