Smartphone photography is a thing. Since leaving Windows and Lightroom, I've stuck with Google Photos to edit pictures, but now I've discovered Snapseed on my Android phone. It blew my mind! The advanced editing capabilities are great! And the app (by Google) is free!

Do you use Google Play Music? I did... Spotify is great, but I want YouTube Music to work; so far it's disappointing. Yet I'd rather pay monthly for YouTube Music + YouTube itself instead of just Spotify. 🤔

Fellow WordPressers! Do you use the Reblog button? Why or why not? It seems like I seldom see it; I've never reblogged. Should I give it a try?? Thanks for your feedback! Blog on!

Sure, smartphones make phone calls. But really, mine is actually a camera. And an iPod. And a PDA (remember those!?). I rarely use it as a phone. What do you use your phone for most?

Now that the new iPhone SE 4.7" display is "small," an Android manuf. should make a 4.5" or smaller phone for the sizeable market that wants a small phone! Like a 4" Moto G Mini w/ a mid-range CPU starting at $199!

The Google Tasks app is great; it's integrated with Google Calendar - but not on the Android app, only the online calendar. I would love to start relying on Tasks, but not until it works in the mobile calendar. Sigh.

Ever since my local Hastings closed, I’ve missed it. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about that physical retail space I long for. I rented movies there, bought books and stuff, enjoyed coffee at Hardback Café. All the media is now on my phone. Minus the coffee. Not the same.

Ok, maybe lame, but an idea…some WordPress themes support the “Aside” and “Status” Post Formats. Like Tweets, these are short. What if people just started using them for short blurbs on WP? They appear in the Reader “feed” and can be Liked, Commented and even Reblogged. Instead of #hashtags, just add Tags and/or Categories in... Continue Reading →

April 16th marks the sale start date of the new Moto G Power and Moto G Stylus in the US - the 8th gen of the G's! You can #addtocart now! On April 15th, Apple announced the new iPhone SE starting at $399. But why spend that much when you can get a Moto G... Continue Reading →

The epic high-fantasy novel, The Lord of the Rings, remains unread by me. Years ago, I saw the movies first, then attempted to read the book. I failed in my quest. In my mind the story moved quickly based on the movie, but the book was slow. I am but man-flesh, yet perhaps I shall... Continue Reading →

Do you remember Path? It was a nice small social network app and service that had much promise and polish. The potential was there, but the people weren’t. Facebook was already dominant. And since you can’t be in two places at once, Path is lost.

On February 7, people got an early preview of two new Moto G phones coming to the US. But with the April 16 release date approaching, we should start seeing reviews pop up, right? It makes me wonder if reviewers already have the phones right now, a week or so in advance, using them with... Continue Reading →

I make so many thumb typos on my phone (auto-correct does not help). It's one reason I ordered a big phone - I'm going from 4.7 to 6.4 inches! Hoping the keyboard has bigger tap targets. Wish me luck! Do you find a bigger phone makes thumb typing easier?

OK, who else has been a hold-out on WordPress like me? I admit it. I've avoided the new Block Editor for over a year! Change is hard. I like writing and editing text, not blocks. But I figure I'd better get with the program. So I'm trying it out. We'll see how it goes.

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